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The Media has been very generous of me, Sumit Ahuja, the media has been always in support and have a good relationship towards me and me to them. As a sales and marketing person, media has given me much more exposure to digital world. Media has provided me, sumit ahuja, a great opportunity to work with and around them, great personalities have recommended me as a digital marketeer to businesses that needed a boost towards success.

I, sumit Ahuja, would like to thank the media for providing a platform where achieving success has been great and is being fruitfull, the relationship that has been in around has been wonderful and the well wishers of the media are always in support of me, as a family. This relationship will be and is continuing to be on top as the top most respected.

My Media relationship with, Desi Australia, Pardes Express, Rabitah International, Infinity t20 cricket, Fiji Times, the Punjab Express, the Indusage australia and many others will be saluted with the respect that I have to them as they have to me.

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Working Relationships with Channels:

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    July 25, 2016

    Haha, shouldn’t you be charging for that kind of kno?eldgew!


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